Gold plating – Metallisation

Metals are an often underestimated design element. The warm reflection in a gold leaf surface in particular has a magical appeal. But the possibilities go much further. Silver, bronze, aluminum, steel or rusted iron pigment open up an inexhaustible source of possibilities for giving objects an extraordinary appearance.

Filler metal

Liebesbier Restaurant and Hotel Bayreuth

Bronze, brass, aluminum and steel …

Textures and shades that can be used in modern designs and architectural accents to create a stunning visual impact.

The use of filler metal allows for the creation of characterful surfaces with a variety of textures and structures. Careful finishing creates a solid metal surface that can then be polished to create an impressive sheen. The combination of craftsmanship and creative design gives the final product a unique aesthetic and visual depth.

Silver, gold & metal leaf

Gold plating and metallization offer a wide range of possibilities for adding sophisticated and interesting effects to surfaces. Gold leaf lends a luxurious sheen and is often used in ornate decorations and ornaments, while silver exudes a cool elegance and has a timeless appeal.

The use of gold leaf, silver leaf, aluminum leaf and copper leaf is a testament to traditional craftsmanship that adds a noble and magical ambience to any room. These materials are not only known for their light reflection, which creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, but also for their versatile application on walls, furniture and other surfaces. Their gleaming presence transforms any room into a place of timeless elegance and beauty.

Rust surfaces

Rust surfaces, created by the oxidation of real iron pigments, give every room a unique character and vibrancy.

The natural patina creates a fascinating surface that has a striking presence in both chic loft environments and cozy living rooms.

These rustic elements bring an artistic touch to any interior and give it a distinctive personality.