The story behind it

volker wunderlich

Born in 1976 – self-employed as a freelance artist, master church painter and designer since 2003.
Volker Wunderlich began drawing and painting in his early youth. His mother, whose profession was porcelain painter, probably provided the initial impetus for this.
Inspired by airbrush and graffiti techniques, however, he initially trained as a communications electronics technician and did not pursue the possibility of an artistic academic career.
Having the growing courage to make more of his creative talent, he decided to train as a church painter. This opened up a whole new world of traditional painting techniques and materials for him – along with a deep understanding of the design rules of classical architecture.

In 2003, he was awarded the title of Master Craftsman by the City of Munich and then went into business for himself.

In 2005, he acquired his first own studio – a former fire station.

2018 Design of over 1500 square metres with Italian lime marble plaster on the cruise ship AIDAnova.

In 2020, he began the construction of a new studio, which has been carefully tailored to his current and future needs.

His works can be seen in Germany, Europe and internationally, including in Taiwan, Moscow, St Petersburg, Uruguay, India and Rio de Janeiro.