SENSE AND LOVE OF FORM, COLOR AND MATERIAL are the prerequisites for creating good and durable design. These things have occupied Volker Wunderlich—artist and master church painter—for over 25 years. On the solid basis of a centuries-old craft, we dare the balancing act into the present. Living spaces become worth living in—dreams become reality. Pigments, lime, clay plaster and gold leaf are one side. The other computer-aided consulting, processing of objects using 3D printing, laser, plotter and CNC machines. Each technique has its specific expression that is useful for us. With a network of selected craftsmen, artists and planners, we enrich public spaces, shops, hotels, restaurants, shipbuilding and of course your home. There are few things we don’t have an answer for. JUST ASK US!

HABITAT MILIEU DESIGN The word “milieu”—French for “environment”, “scene” and “living space”—is probably the most appropriate term for the variety of rooms and objects we design. There is hardly anything more beautiful than giving yourself creatively to the world in which we live in order to do something good for yourself and others.

THE FREE WORLD PAINTING Create a world with color.

Volker Wunderlich

VOLKER WUNDERLICH, born in 1976 THE STORY BEHIND IT In his paintings he deals with the compression of elementary individual forms into an (mostly abstract) object. Dealing with areas of tension and movements in human relationships and even more fundamentally: the emergence and behavior of things in quantum physical thought are an inexhaustible source for his current work. Volker Wunderlich has been an artist for well over 30 years and has already presented his works worldwide. His works can be seen in Germany and Europe, but also internationally, including in Taiwan, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Uruguay, India and Rio de Janeiro.

Volker Wunderlich – Haag 2 – 95497 Goldkronach