Plastering techniques

Lime marble plaster techniques as well as decorative surfaces with clay give your rooms high-quality elegance and ensure a sense of well-being. Our lime marble plaster is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also ecologically and physically sensible. Made from natural limestone and marble powder, it offers a sustainable alternative to conventional wall coatings. Thanks to its mineral composition, it regulates moisture and ensures a healthy indoor climate. In modern buildings as an imitation of concrete, in classic buildings as marmorino, stuccolustro or straw clay surfaces, you will find our work in private homes as well as in stores, hotels, restaurants or even on cruise ships and luxury yachts.

Discover the timeless elegance and natural beauty of the traditional Italian lime marble plaster technique! Our high-quality materials and craftsmanship come together to give your rooms a touch of luxury and sophistication.

Get in touch with us and let our experts advise you on how we can give your rooms a new ambience. Experience the art of characterful craftsmanship within your own four walls!


Concrete imitation is an artistic technique that makes it possible to recreate the aesthetics and feel of concrete in various applications, whether in architecture, interior design or art. Through skillful coloring, texturing and surface treatments, impressively realistic results can be achieved that reflect the strength and versatility of the real material.



Marmorino is a traditional Venetian plastering technique that uses lime, marble dust and other natural ingredients to create an elegant and marbled finish. This high-quality surface is often used in interior design to give rooms exclusivity and a touch of timeless beauty.

clay plaster

Clay plaster is a sustainable and ecological alternative to conventional plaster materials, made from clay, sand and possibly plant fibers. Its natural properties regulate moisture, improve the indoor climate and contribute to a healthy living and working environment.