Milieu design – Paintings

We are also happy to produce paintings according to your wishes and requirements. In large format, e.g. on a façade – filling the space in your swimming pool – or in smaller format, e.g. in oil on canvas.


Weißtauben-Brauerei Hollfeld

The former Weißtauben brewery in Hollfeld is home to artists’ studios.
In order to publicise this, the owner decided to have the entire façade of the building designed by various artists.

Thus “The Mona Lisa of Hollfeld” was created in five weeks of work in a format of 14.20 m x 6.80 m using the silicate glaze technique.

The painting conquered the world of media immediately after completion and was shown as part of an exhibition as a projection in the Louvre in Paris from March to August 2022.



The new construction of a private swimming pool called for revitalisation.

The clients wanted a classic illusion painting (trompe-l’œil – the French art of deceiving the eye) and the dream of deep blue water, a Caribbean feel with palm trees and a sandy beach.

We also took on the ceiling. The painted sky opens up the room in a marvellous way and entertains the eye perfectly during a morning backstroke.