Classic decoration techniques

We are proficient in all classic painting techniques, such as the imitation of marble, sandstone, wood and the painterly imitation of stucco elements from traditional church painting. Depending on the context, these are used to historicize or for ultra-modern objects.

Discover the art of decorative marble painting

Immerse yourself in the timeless beauty and elegance of decorative marble painting. This ancient art form, which has evoked admiration for centuries, elevates simple surfaces to works of art of exquisite taste and style.

Decorative marble painting is a technique that creates the illusion of real marble without the cost and weight of natural stone. With skillful brushstrokes and artistic talent, experienced craftsmen transform ordinary walls, furniture and decorative objects into luxurious masterpieces.

The versatility of marble painting knows no bounds. From subtle veins and nuances to dramatic color contrasts and rich textures, this technique can be adapted to any aesthetic vision. Whether you want to bring a touch of Roman opulence to your home or incorporate a timeless charm into your commercial environment, decorative marble painting offers a wealth of possibilities.

What’s more, marble painting is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also durable and easy to maintain. The paints and sealants used ensure that your artwork will remain radiant and beautiful for years to come, without the need for extensive maintenance.

Whether you are a lover of classic beauty or prefer a modern interpretation of traditional marble design, decorative marble painting offers a timeless way to enhance your home or business. Let yourself be enchanted by the art and craft of this fascinating technique and transform your surroundings into a true masterpiece of decoration.

Here is an example of how craftsmanship can transform ordinary pieces of furniture into unique works of art that add style, elegance and sophistication to your home. These two pieces of furniture were painted with Griotte marble to suit the customer.

Wood imitation

Wood imitation using brushes and paint is a painting technique in which you can paint on different surfaces to imitate the appearance of wood.

By using different colors, shades and brush strokes, the natural grains created by growth and cutting are imitated.

Graining requires skill and experience and can represent a wide variety of precious woods, which are often used in art, crafts and decoration.